Writing your first blog at the South-South Opportunity

Writing your first blog at the South-South Opportunity

Blogs are one of the fastest-growing means of communication these days: they are short, practical and often fun to read and write. As you know, our community offers us the possibility to become bloggers without having to start a personal blog from scratch. Managing our own blog can be time consuming and attracting followers to it can be quite a challenge. This is one of the main reasons why most bloggers end up dropping their projects. By joining the group of active bloggers at The South-South Opportunity you will have the chance to have your own blog without worrying about having enough time to blog on a daily or weekly basis or attracting enough traffic to make the effort worth it.

Besides, you will benefit from the great momentum or community is gaining! Everyday 2 new blog posts are being published on our site. We are currently the second site when googling “South-South Knowledge Exchange” and forth when looking up “South-South Cooperation”. Our goal is to become the number one source of user-generated content on the web on South-South Cooperation and related topics. So go ahead and write your first blog post, share your ideas, tell your story and help us expand our online knowledge base.


Wondering how to write a great first blog post?

We share with you the following guidelines from problogger that offer some useful tips:

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Writing Blog Content – Make it scannable


We look forward to reading from you.

Best regards,

Liliana Parra – Community Moderator

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Comment by Aaron Leonard on June 8, 2011 at 6:26pm
Excellent resources, Liliana. It's also great to see so many posts coming to the site. It's really alive!


South-South Cooperation Exchange Mechanism. First online portal dedicated to SSC for sustainable development.

Mapping Multilateral Support to South-South Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean: Towards Collaborative Approaches. UNDP, 2011. Download PDF (English version) (Versión en Español)


IDB  Magazine - Regional Public Goods: An innovative approach to South-South Cooperation, 2014 version here in English and Spanish.

Using Knowledge Exchange for Capacity Development: What Works in Global Practice? KDI and The World Bank Institute



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