Speeches from the HLE - A few words on South-South cooperation from the World Bank

The High Level Event in Bogota included a number of influential voices in the debate on South-South cooperation and knowledge exchange. Among them were World Bank Managing Director Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Vice President Sanjay Pradhan who leads the World Bank Institute - the Bank Group's principal provider of learning activities.

Here are their speeches to the assembled participants.

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Comment by Dhruba P. Paudyal on May 4, 2011 at 5:24am

Dear sir(s)

Yes, what we expected is a open, inclusive and smart knowledge network that can link demand and supply of S-S exchanges through scaled up portfolio and an institutional arrangement that is inclusive in participation as described by Sanjay Pradhan, WB. However, the commitments and the responsibilities of the respective countries are not implemented as expected. To accomplish the challenge of expected knowledge the birth of a new and committed but inclusive institution is more important than bestowing the responsibility on the already existed organization. The eagerness of the new borne institution can not be replicated by those with already existed institution. Because the intensity of pressure is not materialized promptly by the already bloated and ill-fated institutions. A new challenge demands a new environment, mechanism, and theory of change to accomplish better results. Case studies of various countries can be studied and analyzed to reinforce and authenticate this statement.

PAUDYAL, Dhruba P.



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IDB  Magazine - Regional Public Goods: An innovative approach to South-South Cooperation, 2014 version here in English and Spanish.

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