Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST) in Action - How to Measure SSC Impact

The new year has started with great news for Southern academia working on South-South and triangular cooperation. Building up on previous attempts - notably of the now extinct Task Team on South-South Cooperation (TT-SSC), the G20 and the subsequent BRICS Academic Fora -, the Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST) was launched in April 2014. It strives to provide a "global platform for Southern Think Tanks to collaboratively generate, systematize, consolidate and share knowledge on South South Cooperation (SSC) approaches in international development."

Current key members include RIS (India) -hosting the Secretariat-, CAU (China), IPEA (Brazil), as well as SAIIA and WSG (both South Africa). In particular think tanks, universities, research institutes and NGOs from countries receiving SSC are warmely invited to become "NeST-ed".

One of the key tasks for the NeST will be to assess the quantity, quality and impact of SSC, as a way to respond to the manifold challenges still found in the institutional and operational reality of today's SSC. To this end, the global NeST effort will be enriched by national NeST chapters. Two of these have recently be launched in South Africa and Brazil, with great energy for all involved stakeholders.

In addition, the NeST held a first global Policy Dialogue on Measuring the Impact of SSC in Midrand, South Africa, on 3 March 2015, with participation of academia from numerous African and LAC countries (more details here and agenda here). The outcomes will be available soon, so stay tuned to the NeST here at and other partnering platforms, as well as under Twitter tag #NeST.

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