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A system too rigid? – Reflections from the El Salvador pilot of the Global Governance Game

In the last few years, the world has become multipolar, with wealth, ideas and enthusiasm moving from rich countries towards the developing world. Emerging economies such as the BRICS are now the center of global policy-making, and the middle class of nations, including the
 CIVETS group, is…


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La realidad de las finanzas para el clima – Experiencias de los países en desarrollo

Desde las negociaciones sobre el cambio climático celebradas en Cancún en 2010, los responsables políticos y analistas se centran en la gran expectativa de los 100 mil millones de dólares: Si los acuerdos se cumplen, esta cantidad estaría disponible en 2020 para que los países en desarrollo promuevan el desarrollo verde de bajas emisiones y un uso reducido de carbono ("mitigación") y puedan hacer frente a…


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Climate finance for real – Learning from country experiences

Since the climate change negotiations in Cancun in 2010, policy-makers and analysts are focused on the $100 billion buzz: If agreements are met, this amount would be available by 2020 for developing countries to promote green development with low carbon use (‘mitigation’) and to cope with the ever harsher changes in climate patterns, including increased and more frenetic impact of natural disaster…


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Latin America, pioneering the new Global Partnership

In a quickly changing world, today’s Latin America is pursuing development with increasing self-confidence and stronger capacities. At the same time, expectations are growing that a more prosperous Latin America also contributes to international development, for example through South-South cooperation. A key question is how the region will get involved in the global governance of development, and in particular in the new Global Partnership that emerged from…


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América Latina, en la vanguardia de la nueva Asociación Global

En un mundo en pleno revuelo, América Latina ha tomado las riendas de su desarrollo con cada vez más autoconfianza y capacidades más sólidas. Al mismo tiempo, crecen las expectativas de que una América Latina más próspera contribuya al desarrollo internacional, por ejemplo a través de la cooperación Sur-Sur. Una clave reside en cómo la región se articulará en la gobernanza global del desarrollo, en específico en torno a la nueva Asociación Global surgida en…


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La academia del Sur en el G-20 - México invita a grupo de think tanks

Lanzado bajo el Grupo de Tarea sobre la cooperación Sur-Sur, el papel de la academia del Sur en el desarrollo global, reflejada en el Bangkok Call [pdf], cobra más fuerza cada día. La presidencia mexicana del G-20 ha invitado a una serie de…


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Southern academia to advise G20 - Mexico invites think tank group

Energized under the umbrella of the Task Team on South-South cooperation, the role of Southern academia in global development, as suggested by the 2011 Bangkok Call [pdf], is becoming stronger every day. The Mexican presidency of the G20 has…


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Emerging, but reluctant - Why Brazil, China and India are cautious

Over the past three days, policy-makers gathered in Busan have made clear that this year's High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF) was all about ensuring that the big new development players, and in particular Brazil, China and India, are on board of the new "Global Partnership of Effective Development Cooperation". (see pdf)…


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Busan en español - Foro AOD

El Foro AOD ofrece información detallada sobre los preparativos del Foro de Alto Nivel sobre la Eficacia de la Ayuda, a celebrarse en Busan entre el 29 de noviembre y el 1 de diciembre de 2011. Se irá actualizando en la medida que avancen las negociaciones políticas:

Calentando motores para Busan

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Horizontal partnerships: Bogotá, Busan & beyond

Culminating a two-year process of learning and coalition-building, a workshop held last week in Bogota energized more than 140 representatives from 52 countries with the ever increasing verve of knowledge sharing and horizontal partnerships. In a vivid debate, clear-cut decisions were made in order to ensure that South-South and triangular cooperation help redefine development cooperation in a…


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G20 Report on Knowledge Sharing - Out Now!

In June this year, a group of countries and international organizations, in charge of the Knowledge Sharing Pillar of the G20 Development Working Group, submitted an in-depth report on how to scale up knowledge sharing as an effective tool for development.

Responding to the mandate of the G20 Summit in Seoul in late 2011, the objective of this working paper is to…


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The IMF lessons - How to tune-in to a multipolar world

The recent change of IMF director shows that the Bretton Woods institutions still fail to integrate leadership and expertise from developing countries. Wealth and knowledge are shifting away from the West, but the global players are not yet ready to take full advantage of an increasingly multipolar world.

As the biggest provider of development resources, Europe remains frozen in its post-colonial, inward-looking stance towards the development agenda.…


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A South-South dialogue: Capacities for Knowledge Exchange

The energy for South-South and triangular exchange of development knowledge is mounting every day. Strong political drive is coming from the G20 whose Development Working Group has endorsed policy recommendations and practices for using knowledge sharing more systematically. Hundreds of practitioners are sharing their experiences under the umbrella of the Task Team on…


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Knowledge Sharing in the G20 agenda - Takeaways from the Mexico meeting

Bruno Figueroa (Mexico), Dasa Silovic (UNDP) and Jaesun Lee (Korea)

[See update on the G20 report below]


Recognizing the potential of South-South and triangular knowledge sharing on development solutions, the…


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AU/NEPAD call - Capacity Development Experts Pool

A region-wide expertise pool of African Capacity Development (CD) experts is being established for the purpose of nurturing CD practitioners for use in country and regional level interventions. This is to further support the implementation of the AU-NEPAD's Capacity Development Strategic Framework, which is to strengthen the support base for delivering on CD services in Africa. These experts will assist in meeting the incre…


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India announces $5 billion aid for Africa, with focus on capacity development

Major announcement by Indian PM Manmohan Singh during the 2nd Africa-India Summit currently taking place in Addis Ababa. Find more info in the Economic Times India:



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WDR 2011: South-South exchanges help create capacity in fragile and violence-affected situations

On last Monday, the World Bank launched the new World Development Report (WDR) focusing on conflict, security and development in a changing world where institutional challenges and lack of comprehensive support models are yet compromising development in many countries. Importantly, the 2011 WDR…


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South-South verve for the road to Busan (takeaways from the Seoul roundtable)

Exactly one year ahead of the 2011 High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness to be held in Busan, Korea, more than 150 policy-makers and experts gathered on 1 December 2010 in Seoul to discuss the prospects and implications of the ‘global aid architecture’. Just recently, backed by a G20 mandate…


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Meet the CIVETS - The third wave of development players

In the midst of an evolving global governance, a new group of development providers has quietly entered the stage. Complementing the traditional DAC donors and the big emerging economies, the CIVETS group, which encompasses Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa, brings a new wave of development partnerships that go beyond the rich-poor logic and promote… Continue

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Indonesia, now co-leading the TT-SSC with Colombia

As a result of the recent meeting of the Steering Committee (SC) of the Task Team on South-South cooperation (TT-SSC) during the WP-EFF plenary in Paris, Indonesia was formally confirmed as the co-chair of the TT-SSC. Mr. Tubagus Choesni, head of the Management Team of Aid for Development Effectiveness… Continue

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