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The South-South Opportunity moves to Facebook!

Entering a new exciting stage, the South-South Opportunity is moving to Facebook and invites all members to come on board and like the dedicated SSO page.



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HLM3 calls for stronger country capacities to share knowledge, contribute to global development

On 30-31 March 2016, more than 400 high-level representatives from 66 countries and 11 multilateral institutions gathered in Washington DC for the Third High-Level Meeting on Country-led Knowledge Sharing. Following previous events in Bali/Indonesia in 2012 and…


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South-South experience to support Colombia's peace process - Exciting consultancy opportunities in Azerbaijan, Colombia, El Salvador, the Philippines and Rwanda

In a historic step and ending decades of internal conflict, Colombia is moving towards signing the peace agreements tentatively in March 2016. In the meantime, the country is getting ready for the peacebuilding process, particularly in areas deeply affected by the conflict. One key initiative is a mapping of emerging peacebuilding practices led by the Colombian Presidential Agency of International Cooperation (…


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How does Organizational Knowledge Sharing contribute to development? – Insights from a session with M&E experts at the World Bank

Measuring the results and impact of capacity development has been at the center of reflections, analysis and operational tools of the World Bank Group and many other international organizations. Due to its long-standing commitment with knowledge and learning, particularly the WBG’s Leadership, Learning and Innovation (LLI) Vicepresidency has spearheaded efforts in this area. One key example is the Capacity Development Results Framework (CDRF) launched in 2009. Today,…


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How to Build a Striving Knowledge Sharing Institution – A “Fishbowl” with MAAIF Uganda

Entering a new stage of the ongoing support to country institutions, the World Bank (WB) hosted during the first week of May a unique event with the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) of Uganda. Held in Washington DC, representatives…


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Getting ready for Knowledge Sharing – FOSIS Chile’s experiences in partnership management and joint implementation

For the past 25 years, the Social Investment and Solidarity Fund (FOSIS, for its Spanish acronym) has been a key instrument for the Chilean government to implement ground-breaking social policies and programs benefitting the most vulnerable population in the country. At the same time, FOSIS constitutes a reference institution for its Latin America and the Caribbean homologues, and increasingly for partners in other…


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Webinar con ACI Medellin – Cómo convertirse en un Nodo de Conocimiento Urbano

Las experiencias surgidas en el Sur encuentran una creciente demanda en un mundo multipolar, y las ciudades han sido especialmente innovadores en sus esfuerzos para asegurar el desarrollo sostenible y el crecimiento inclusivo. Medellín en Colombia destaca por una transformación urbana extraordinaria que inspira a otros gobiernos subnacionales en todo el mundo. Con un liderazgo político sólido, políticas…


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Webinar with ACI Medellin – Lessons and Next Steps of a City Knowledge Hub

Southern solutions are in high demand in an increasingly multipolar world, and cities have been particularly innovative when it comes to work towards sustainable development and inclusive growth. Medellin in Colombia is an outstanding example of urban transformation that inspires other subnational governments around the world. With sound political leadership, smart policies and a committed public sector,…


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Hacia una Cultura Institucional del Intercambio de Conocimiento - Mensajes del HLM2 sobre Nodos de Conocimiento

Instituciones gubernamentales en todo el mundo están dedicando esfuerzos para poder involucrarse de forma más sistemática en el Intercambio de Conocimiento (IC) con sus pares nacionales e internacionales. A lo largo de los últimos años, el IC ha sido reconocido como un tercer pilar de la cooperación para el desarrollo, complementando la asistencia técnica y la ayuda financiera tradicionales. Entre otros,…


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Moving from Transactional to Institutional Knowledge Sharing – Insights from the Seoul HLM on Knowledge Hubs

Around the world, hundreds of country institutions are striving to engage in Knowledge Sharing (KS) in a systematic way, reaching out to partners at home and abroad. Over the past years, KS has been recognized as a third leg of development cooperation, along with technical assistance and financial aid, for example through by the G20, the …


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Institutions for Knowledge Sharing – Mandate and lessons from the Global Partnership meeting in Mexico

Panel discussion of the session on Knowledge Sharing Institutions and Knowledge Hubs, Mexico City, 15 April…


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Las Finanzas del Clima - Clave para los Territorios Centroamericanos

Los recursos internacionales para financiar la acción climática se están convirtiendo en la piedra angular del futuro desarrollo de los países del Sur. Desde 2010 existe el compromiso mundial de movilizar, a partir del 2020, unos 100 mil millones de USD anuales para el financiamiento climático, suma que se acerca a los máximos históricos de la Ayuda Oficial al Desarrollo (AOD) que se encuentra en pleno declive. En 2013 y a pesar de que el origen de este…


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Sector institutions in South-South and triangular cooperation - Lessons and prospects in Chile

Representatives of line ministries active in Chile's South-South cooperation, during the workshop on 20 August in Santiago

In recent…


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Los sectores en la cooperación Sur-Sur y triangular – Lecciones y propuestas desde Chile

Representantes de ministerios chilenos activos en la cooperación Sur-Sur y triangular, el pasado 20 de agosto en Santiago

A lo largo de los…


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Financing knowledge hubs – Current modalities and opportunities

[Blog post originally published at the Community of Practice on Knowledge Hubs, become a member here]

Due to its potential to inform capacity development and support reform priorities, knowledge exchange is high on the agenda of government institutions around the world. While there is a clear desire to learn from each other, the practical…


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[convocatoria] Gerente para el Programa Iberoamericano, plazo 5 de abril

El Programa Iberoamericano para el Fortalecimiento de la Cooperación Sur-Sur busca un/a nuevo/a gerente que coordinará la Unidad Técnica del Programa cuya sede se encuentra en Uruguay. El plazo…


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On the road to the Second Regional Dialogue on Climate Finance

In the nine months since the First Regional Dialogue on Climate Finance held in Tela (Honduas), Latin American and Caribbean governments have advanced in a continous knowledge exchange and in developing national capacities. Taking a qualitative leap in this dynamic process, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, and Peru launched on 26 February…


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Financing disaster risks – Lessons from the Bogota exchange

Celebrating its second anniversary, Colombia Humanitaria gathered national stakeholders and international representatives in a knowledge exchange around Disaster Risk Management (DRM). Held in Bogota on 22 and 23 November 2012, the event aimed to systematize lessons learned within Colombia Humanitaria, set up in 2010 by the Colombian president to respond to the devastating effects of La…


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Knowledge Hubs in Practice – The Bali Lessons

Over the past years, knowledge exchange has started to overhaul development cooperation with a renewed energy of connecting and sharing among practitioners. More and more developing countries are fully engaging in mutual learning around best practices and proven solutions. Around 300 representatives from 46 countries have now gathered on the island of Bali, Indonesia, to discuss how to improve institutional and operational capacities to exchange knowledge at a larger…


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Como superar la rigidez del sistema mundial - Reflexiones desde el piloto salvadoreño del Juego de la Gobernanza Global

A lo largo de los últimos años, el mundo se ha vuelto multipolar en la medida en que 
el bienestar, las ideas y por ende, el entusiasmo se desplazan desde los países ricos hacia los países en desarrollo. Las economías emergentes, tales como los 
BRICS, ya se encuentran en el centro de las decisiones políticas a nivel global, y la clase media de las naciones, incluido el 


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