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Institutions for Knowledge Sharing – Mandate and lessons from the Global Partnership meeting in Mexico

Panel discussion of the session on Knowledge Sharing Institutions and Knowledge Hubs, Mexico City, 15 April…


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Webinar: Capacity for Regional Development and Economic Integration in Africa

Monday 5 May 2014,  15:00-16:30 UTC/GMT

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Regionalism is the deliberate attempt by states to create formal mechanisms for dealing with transnational issues. There is strong support for regionalism and economic integration in Africa as a strategy for advancing its socio-economic endeavors, but previous attempts have yielded minimal economic…


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UN support to South-South Cooperation? The United Nations Office for Development Cooperation Strategic Framework 2014-2017

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Full steam ahead! The Strategic Framework of the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), 2014-2017, will be presented this Wednesday (29 January) for consideration and approval of the Executive Board of the…

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GEG Working Paper - The India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Forum - A Decade On: Mismatched Partners or the Rise of the South?

The gridlock in the Doha round of international trade negotiations in the WTO has led developing countries to pursue different strategies to boost trade and investment among various partners. One of these mechanisms is the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) forum created in 2003. The IBSA forum emerged in a context of the rise of emerging powers on the global scene and fits in their respective strategies of assertion and gaining status as global powers beyond their regions. Historically…


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Cooperación Sur-Sur: un elemento clave pare el despegue del Atlántico Sur

This article -in Spanish- in the latest issue of the journal Afers Internacionals (Cidob, Barcelona) explores the increasing ties between countries on both sides of the Southern Atlantic, emphasizing the potential role of South-South Cooperation.

Este articulo en el número más reciente de la revista Afers Internacionals (Cidob, Barcelina), explora los vinculos crecientes entre países en ambos lados del Atlántico Sur, enfatizando el papel potencial de la Cooperación…


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Brasil investiu R$ 1,6 bi na cooperação internacional. Relatório COBRADI 2010

Relatório contabiliza os gastos do governo federal, em 2010, com a cooperação para o desenvolvimento internacional

01/08/2013 10:14

Em 2010, o país investiu aproximadamente R$ 1,6 bilhão na…


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Presentación de los lineamientos para la CSS de Argentina (2013-2015)

Noticia disponible en:

Para descargar los lineamientos haga click:


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The dual role of the BRICS on South-South cooperation for infrastructure sustainable development

Another major milestone in global economy has been passed. The stagnating economies of the developed world have made poor countries to increasingly look towards developing economies for greater trade, investments and development cooperation. Trade between developing countries (South-South trade) now exceeds trade between developed and developing countries (North-South trade). Such trend arises from the enthusiasm given to South-South cooperation over the past two decades. The expectations…


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Advocacy and Knowledge Management: Empowering & Building Capacity of the target people

Everyone knows that Knowledge is the main key of success. For an effective organization, it is very much needed to build up knowledge management unit into the organization.  It helps increasing knowledge of its members and employees. By sharing knowledge with one another and with other organizations all employees…


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PUENTES, Revista de Cooperación y Desarrollo de Honduras

PUENTES, Revista de Cooperación y Desarrollo de Honduras, año 3, n° 3, julio de 2013.

Secretaría Técnica de Planificación y Cooperación Externa.

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How to be a strong agency for South-South cooperation - Reflections from AGCI Chile

As one of the oldest development agencies in Latin America, the Chilean Agency for International Cooperation (AGCI, for its Spanish acronym) vividly reflects how middle-income countries shape and contribute to increasingly global development system. Created in 1990 with the aim of channeling external resources for national development of the newly restored democracy, today AGCI has positioned itself as a pioneer in…


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Qué implica ser una buena agencia de cooperación – Reflexiones desde la AGCI Chile

Siendo una de las agencias más antiguas de América Latina, la Agencia de Cooperación Internacional de Chile (AGCI) refleja vivamente cómo los países de renta media moldean y contribuyen al sistema del desarrollo cada vez más global. Nacida en 1990 con la vocación de canalizar recursos externos para el desarrollo nacional de la recién recuperada democracia, la AGCI de hoy se ha posicionado como precursora en enfoques…


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Sector institutions in South-South and triangular cooperation - Lessons and prospects in Chile

Representatives of line ministries active in Chile's South-South cooperation, during the workshop on 20 August in Santiago

In recent…


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Los sectores en la cooperación Sur-Sur y triangular – Lecciones y propuestas desde Chile

Representantes de ministerios chilenos activos en la cooperación Sur-Sur y triangular, el pasado 20 de agosto en Santiago

A lo largo de los…


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German strategy on triangular cooperation

Gradually the donor community is improving its understanding of the value of triangular cooperation and several donors have contributed useful documents on its strategic and operational implications. One recent example is the strategy paper published by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ): Triangular cooperation in German development…


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Liberia 10 Years Later

A decade ago on August 18th, 2003, the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement brought Liberia’s horrific 14 year civil war to an end. As this small West African country faded from the international headlines, a new era of hope…


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The Fate of Liberia's Fourth Esate

By Yasmin Anis, Accountability Lab Summer Resident

As the Lab has written about previously, Liberia under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made considerable progress in terms of development and governance- from dismissing tainted civil servants, to enforcing transparency, to pushing through new…


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