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AU/NEPAD call - Capacity Development Experts Pool

A region-wide expertise pool of African Capacity Development (CD) experts is being established for the purpose of nurturing CD practitioners for use in country and regional level interventions. This is to further support the implementation of the AU-NEPAD's Capacity Development Strategic Framework, which is to strengthen the support base for delivering on CD services in Africa. These experts will assist in meeting the incre…


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Join the debate: ECDPM seeks your thoughts on the future of ACP-EU relations post-2020 / Participez au débat: votre opinion sur l'avenir de relations ACP-UE post-2020 nous intéresse !

Join the debate: ECDPM seeks your thoughts on the future of ACP-EU relations post-2020 (Version française ci-dessous)

At the end of June, ECDPM will host a high-level meeting to critically examine options for continued cooperation between the ACP and the EU once the current Cotonou Partnership Agreement expires in 2020. In the run-up to the conference, …

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What Africa needs? Is it aid or trade?

For the larger part of their creation on the World, the majority of African countries are aid recipients. However, when contrasted to their development the changes brought through such aid is squat.  So, what shall be good for such countries rather than aid? To my view trade is the best option. Developing countries should develop their capacity to trade which in my belief will yield better economic growth than any type of support or efforts. In other words, it do mean building dynamic and…


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India announces $5 billion aid for Africa, with focus on capacity development

Major announcement by Indian PM Manmohan Singh during the 2nd Africa-India Summit currently taking place in Addis Ababa. Find more info in the Economic Times India:



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ECDPM-SAIIA Meeting report 'Emerging players in Africa: What's in in for Africa-Europe relations?

Final meeting report ECDPM-SAIIA policy dialogue 'Emerging players in Africa', Brussels, 28 March 2011

To download the report and for more information please check out the conference website:

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CCS Commentary: China’s aid policy white paper: Transparency now?

The Chinese government published a white paper on its aid policy on 21 April. The white paper provides some definitions of Chinese aid modalities and gives overall figures of how much is spent, on which continent, in which sector and according to income group of partner countries. In the style similar to Western White Papers, it also showcases some examples. This is positive. Yet, the paper hardly offers reasons for government’s policy choices, and unfortunately, the unique selling point of…


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South-South Cooperation and Capacity Development: synergies and challenges

How has south-south cooperation, together with triangular cooperation, contributed to sustainable capacity development? How can this relation be more effective?

These are some of the questions addressed during the Cairo Workshop on Capacity Development (28-29 March 2011), hosted and organized by the Government of Egypt with the support of the OECD and JICA. A workshop that…


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La relación Sur-Sur maduró

Comparto con Uds. la nota “La relación Sur-Sur maduró” en la cual el diario argentino Página 12 publica una entrevista al Director de la Unidad Especial para la Cooperación Sur-Sur del PNUD en su paso por Buenos Aires.

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Internship with UNEP's "South-South Exchange Mechanism" in Nairobi

UNEP's "South-South Exchange Mechanism" is a tool to share information on SSC's role in environmental protection and environmental capacity building.  The Division of Regional Cooperation in Nairobi is seeking an intern to carry the project into its next phase. …


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La cooperación de Brasil para el Desarrollo Internacional (publicación del IPEA)


El número 65 de la revista "Desafios do Desenvolvimento" (Desafíos del Desarrollo) del Instituto de Pesquisa Económica Aplicada (IPEA), fundación pública vinculada a la Secretaria de Asuntos Estratégicos de la Presidencia de la República de Brasil, acaba de publicar un número que contiene interesantes novedades sobre la Cooperación Brasileña para el Desarrollo Internacional.


El artículo de Simone Biehler,…


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South-south co-operaton at the Durban climate change talk.

At the World Economic Forum on Africa, the leaders of South Africa, Gabon and Kenya pledged to work together and take a united stance at the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP 17) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Durban, South Africa, in November. “The question for us leaders is how committed we are to be a little less selfish and to think of the community as a whole,” said Gabon’s President Ali Bongo Ondimba, in a session on the second day of the meeting. “It is… Continue

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China Issues the First White Paper on Foreign Aid

On April 21, 2011, the Information Office of the State Council of China issued the first White Paper on China’s Foreign Aid, which presents an overall picture of the policy, financial resources, forms, distribution, management and international cooperation of China’s foreign aid.


China’s foreign aid began in 1950. As a developing country, over the years while focusing on its own development, China has been…


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Un Observatorio de Cooperación Sur Sur en Argentina

Comparto con ustedes un comunicado de prensa del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio Internacional y Culto de Argentina.

Los días 2 y 3 de mayo de 2011 visitó la Argentina el Director de la Unidad

Especial de Cooperación Sur-Sur de las Naciones Unidas, Yiping Zhou, quien mantuvo

reuniones de trabajo con la Directora General de Cooperación Internacional de…


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Taller Regional Fondos e Instrumentos para la financiación de proyectos Cooperación sur sur - Reunión SELA próximos 28 y 29 de julio 2011 en México

En esas fechas, el SELA (Sistema Económico Latinoamericano y del Caribe) está organizando el "Taller Regional sobre Fondos e instrumentos para la financiación de proyectos de cooperación sur sur en América Latina y Caribe (ALC)".

El objetivo es realizar una reunión con especialistas y autoridades nacionales de las agencias y direcciones de cooperación internacional para analizar las oportunidades y perspectivas de los fondos y mecanismos financieros para proyectos de cooperación Sur –…


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La institucionalización de la Cooperación Internacional en México

El proceso de institucionalización de la cooperación internacional para el desarrollo (CID) en México se encuentra en un momento clave. El 6 de abril de 2011, luego de un largo proceso de trabajo legislativo, se publicó en el Diario Oficial de la Federación la  …


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Call for applicants: Vetted experts roster for governance, capacity development, HIV/AIDS and gender

UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre is soliciting the submission of CVs (individuals, not firms) from highly-qualified experts and experienced consultants to be considered for registration in the UNDP expert roster for the Regional Bureau for Europe & CIS and Bratislava Regional Centre. Only the applicants who pass all screening procedures will be included into the roster and recommended to the country offices in the region. The roster will include consultants/ experts in the following areas:… Continue

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Organización Panamericana de la Salud avanza con el estudio de Caso sobre la Red de Bancos de Leche Humana


Comparto con ustedes, nota sobre alianza que hemos establecido con Universidad de San Martín (UNSAM) en Buenos Aires para continuar avanzando con el estudio de caso sobre Red de Bancos de Leche Humana. En breve compartiré con ustedes algunos resultados preliminares de la investigación.…


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[TT-SSC case study] Caribbean Strategy - Preliminary findings (4): Triangular Cooperation

After our interviews in Bogotá, Honduras and Jamaica in preparation for the Case Study which we are now almost done writing, we have identified interesting aspects regarding (1) ownership and mutual accountability, (2) transparency and information, (3) champions and (4) triangular cooperation. The field work in both donor and recipient institutions, at both political and technical levels, has provided us with key information and data that allows a comprehensive analysis. After sharing with…


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Revista FO.AR N°10

Comparto con uds la versión digital de la Revista del Fondo Argentino de Cooperación Internacional dedicada especialmente a la cooperación Sur-Sur y triangular.

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Cooperación Brasil - Africa

Saludos cordiales, me permito compartir con todos/as el siguiente enlace de PNUD Colombia sobre la cooperación entre Brasil y Africa.


Fernando Nivia


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